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scenographies of site-writing

20221110 Pulse Residency (ASH KG)-4879 copy.jpg

Site-writing with Jane Rendell
November 7, 10h-13h

Site-writing as Activism
with Amanda 
Gutiérrez &
Collages Féministes Montréal

November 8, 10h-13h

Auralities of Site-writing
"embodied transmissions"
with Martín Rodríguez
November 9, 10h-13h

3D Scanning as Site-writing Practice
with Kévin
November 10, 10h-13h


In this workshop we collectively delved into the political actions, methodologies, and ethical principles of the local and international wheat paste. Two members of the Collages Féministes Montréal shared reflections and practical approaches on the history of the creation of the collective, its values and missions, reflections on the organization of street-level political action using linguistic collage, and the collective creation of tactical urbanism to embrace the streets for political pronunciation. The practical side of the workshop focused on the creation of phrases, wheat-paste making, and crucial practical steps for collective and performative actions.

The goal of this ears-on/hands-on workshop was for participants to explore radio as a medium for making art. This workshop introduced participants to 'embodied transmission', a conceptual framework that examines radio’s ability to carry presence through space and time, allowing participants to broadcast through their shared corporeal and mental environment. Through the construction of AM transmitters, we explored how radio can speak to place and community building.

In this workshop we explored the situated aspects of writing, discovering spatial possibilities in the ideological, emotional, material and poetics of textual constructions. A brief discussion with Rendell introduced the practice of ‘site-writing’, and was followed by a series of open-ended and experimental writing exercises – solo and collaborative – resulting in textual and material compositions.

This workshop invited participants to work in collaboration and to undertake a series of site-writing explorations with 3D scanning technology (Polycam) and to collectively experiment. We worked with the theme of ‘the border’ within the specific context of 4th Space. Participants collaborated with 3D scanning as a critical and scenographic strategy for engaging with relations of power between matter, identity, architecture, and urban policies. The workshop specifically delved into the potential for site-writing with 3D scanning to make legible and tactile new atmospheres of place.

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20221108 Pulse Residency (ASH KG)-4397 copy.jpg
20221108 Pulse Residency (ASH KG)-4419 copy.jpg

The residency workshops explored the performative and scenographic potential of site-writing.  

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