Infiltrating Smartness:
Performative Urbanism and the Smart City

What capacity do critical artistic and spatial practices have to offer forms of tactical autonomy in the anticipatory and surveillance laden context of the smart city?
In what ways can efforts to ‘outsmart’, ‘sm-art’, and ‘perform’ create meaningful ways to intervene with the seduction of enacted environments and  “smart” urban technologies?

Since 2019 PULSE researchers have been engaging with current social, political, and artistic situations pertaining to smart cities. Led by Professor Shauna Janssen, PULSE presents a panel of research and creation projects that critically engage with current variations of sentience and smartness that infiltrate experiences of urbanism.


Our panel will take place in the upcoming Uncommon Senses III: Back to the Future of the Senses Conference, that Concordia University's Centre for Sensory Studies will host during May 6—9 2021 in Montreal, CA.