Scenographies of Site-Writing
& Critical Spatial Practices 
across the Americas

PULSE 4th Space Residency November 7-11 2022

Scenographies of site-writing and critical spatial practices across the Americas, is a five-day residency that explores scenography as a lens and method for undertaking critical performance-making practices in urban environments. The PULSE residency is a collaboration with Hemispheric Encounters: Developing Transborder Research-Creation Practices which brings together scholars, artists, activists, and community organizations from across the Americas to explore hemispheric performance as a methodology, a pedagogical strategy, and as tool for social change. The residency will take place in a hybrid format at 4TH SPACE, Concordia University, Montreal, from November 7th to 11th 2022, and will include a range of events such as: roundtables on the resignification of public space through performance and feminist/anticolonial/anti-monumental practices, one-day workshops facilitated by scholars and artists, a curated art exhibition of students’ works + invited artists, and a two-day symposium for grad students. 

The overarching theme of this residency - site-writing - aims to explore the potential of writing as a way of relating to urban “sites” / environments, and how scenographics (‘skenographia’ or ‘scenic writing’ - refers to its Greek origins: skene and grapho, meaning to describe, stage or build a scene) might unsettle existing perceptions of place. We are inspired by Jane Rendell's conception of ‘site-writing’ as critical spatial practice - “to spatialize the concepts/processes/subjects of writing through an exploration of the relationship between the material/cultural/political qualities of the site, the associated sites remembered/dreamed/imagined by the writer, and the spaces of writing itself.” (Rendell 2009)