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Book chapter. “Fantasy in the Hold: The Queer Logistics of Container Architecture, Trans*ivity, and Port Urbanisms.” Co-authored with Joanne Paterson Kinniburgh for (Post)Colonial Ports: Place and Non-Place in the Ecotone. Eds. Jill Didur and Nalini Mohabir (forthcoming 2024 with Routledge).

Book chapter. “Promenade Parlante: Intergenerational Dialogue, Urban Scenography, and Co-Creation.”  Cynthia Hammond, Shauna Janssen, and Eric Craven for Routledge International Handbook of Participatory Approaches in Ageing Research. Eds. Anna Urbaniak & Anna Wanka.

Book. Performing Institutions: Contested Sites and Structures of Care. 2023. Co-editor with Anja Mølle Lindelof. Intellect Books. 


Janssen, Shauna. 2023. "Urban Scenographics: methods, practices and pedagogies towards unsettling existing perceptions of place.” In Espacios y Objetos Performativos. Rodrigo Tisi, ed. Ediciones ARQ, de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. (forthcoming)

Janssen, Shauna, Katrina Jurjans, Eduardo Perez, and christian scott. 2022. Mediating a Performative Response to  Gorilla ParkJAR 28 (Journal of Artistic Research).

Janssen, Shauna. 2022. “Urban Scenographics and Partial Perspectives in the work of Larissa Fassler.” Larissa Fassler: Viewshed. Diana Sherlock, ed. Berlin: DISTANZ


Unsettling Scenographies and Urban Place. Monograph of Urban Scenographies May 2022 course intensive, Department of Theatre, Concordia University.

Journal Article. Janssen, Shauna. 2021. Theatre Island & Urban Scenographies of Learning: A Performative Paradigm for Transversal Pedagogy. PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research, 3: 2. 

Exhibition text. Janssen, Shauna. 2021. “Camouflaged Screams: Immersive and Scenographic Constructions of Wilding.” Optica, Montreal.


Journal Article. Janssen, Shauna. 2019. Performance Design as Mnemonic Device for Critical Engagement with Urban Change: the ARCADE Project. Journal of Theatre and Performance Design, 5: 3-4, 195-211. 

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