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Salon IV 

on the urban commons

@ 4th Space Concordia University

November 28th 2019

this event is wheelchair accessible

In the Urban Commons: Moving Beyond State and Market (2015) the authors ask: “what, if anything, is urban about [the commons]?” Given the uptake of urban labs and city studios within municipal planning practices and academic institutions, and the widespread interest in “making the city,” this salon will collectively and somewhat informally dialogue about the ways in which urban settings can influence or condition commoning initiatives. What is the potential of urban commoning  (taken here as a verb), as a social practice for working across differences and processes of spatial organization, to produce tools for sharing material/ immaterial  and cultural resources outside market driven demands?

Roundtable discussion and presentations with:


Nathalie Casemajor


INRS - Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Montreal

Centre Urbanisation Culture Société  

Codirectrice de l’Observatoire des médiations culturelles (OMEC)


Kristine Samson
Urbanist and Associate Professor 
Visual Culture and Performance Design
Department of Communication and Arts 
Roskilde University, Denmark


Marie-Christine Therrien

Professeure titulaire et Directrice de Cité-ID Living Lab Gouvernance de la résilience urbaine

École nationale d’administration publique, Montreal

+ the PULSE team

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