"Feminist Performance Creation and the City" is a year-long project that will formalize a partnership between Concordia University faculty in the Department of Theatre and Imago Theatre, a Montreal based not-for-profit professional company whose mission is to focus on creating and performing stories from a feminist perspective. 

Feminist approaches to site-specific urban performance creation recount stories that do not fit neatly into theatre and performance practices, discourses and paradigms. The aims of this partnership are to build a research-creation model for site-specific urban performances that produce scenographic instances of feminist perspectives in the built environment.

This project is supported by a Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Partnership Engage Grant.

Research and creation team: Anna Birch, Jessica Carmichael, Cristina Cugliandro, Micheline Chevrier, Shauna Janssen, Maude Lafrance, Allison Peacock, Rebecca Redden, Zoe Roux, Naya Salamé, Julie Tamiko-Manning, Ella Williams.

Photos: Rebeccah Redden

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