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feminist performance creation and the city


"Feminist Performance Creation and the City" (FPCC) was a community-engage pilot project  between PULSE, Concordia University faculty and students in the Department of Theatre and Imago Theatre, a Montreal based not-for-profit professional company whose mission is to focus on creating and performing stories from a feminist perspective. 

Feminist approaches to site-specific urban performance creation recount stories that do not fit neatly into theatre and performance practices, discourses and paradigms. The aims of this partnership are to build a research-creation model for site-specific urban performances that produce scenographic instances of feminist perspectives in the built environment.

With the onset of the worldwide pandemic in 2019, the FPCC team worked to adapt the project to a digital platform. You can find more information about the artists and creative process on Imago Theatre's website In June 2021 we launched three downloadable multimedia walks.

The documentary of Feminist Performance Creation & the City now online


Research and creation team: 

Shauna Janssen, Creative Director & Principal Researcher

Anna Birch, Research Associate & Dramaturgy

For Imago Theatre:

Micheline Chevrier - Creator and Artistic Director Imago Theatre

Cristina Cugliandro - Creator and Associate Artist  Imago Theatre

Maude Lafrance - Creator and Associate Artist  Imago Theatre

Zoe Roux - Creator and Associate Artist  Imago Theatre

Julie Tamiko-Manning - Creator and Associate Artist  Imago Theatre


Creative and Production Team:

Pablo Pugliese - videography, editing and special effects

Rebecca Redden - documentary video

Jamie Woollard - sound designer and composer


Leslie Baker

Micheline Chevrier

Brian Dooley

Kyungseo Min

France Rolland

Anne-Marie Sahed 

Warona Masego Setshwaelo

Natalie Tannous 

Julie Trépanier

Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon

Research Assistants:

Allison Peacock

Naya Salamé

Ella Williams 

This project is supported by a Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Partnership Engage Grant.

Check out the FPCC Reading Room for bibliographic information of related research resources. 


Photos: Rebeccah Redden and Shauna Janssen

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