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'glimmering deviations' - micro residency 24-26.2024

Residency Participants, Artist Researchers:


Andre Bocchetti, Alex de las Heras, Esteban Donoso,  Steven Greenwood, Syd Hosseini (organizer), Shauna Janssen (organizer), Naila Khulmann ,Laura Levin, Olivia McGilChrist, Lílía Mestre, Gabi Petrov, and Kévin Pinvidic (organizer).


Special thank-you to David Clark for hosting us at Concordia's  Visualization Studio.


The residency was sponsored and supported by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia, the SSHRC Explore Program, the  FRQSC, and the Hemispheric Encounters Network.


 « Glimmering deviations» is a term inspired by Helen V. Pritchard (Possible Bodies 2022). The aim of this PULSE micro residency was to engage in  playful and joyful exchange about creating space and performance  with 3D visualization technologies. Throughout the residency, participants engaged with the theme of (dis)orientation and deviation, and the capacity for technologies of capture to reveal a more tender relationship with atmospherics of place.

Our collective activities included considerations for how “turning towards a queer ethics of clumsiness for volumetrics” (Volumetric Regimes 2022,) open new dramaturgical pathways that allow us to experiment with and develop a computational inventory of technological beliefs for designing performative, collective, and place-based mixed reality environments. Reflecting on methods of fabricating virtual bodies  in XR environments, the residency creatively embraced the failures and/or glitches of designing and performing  with technologies of capture, and the queer artifacts and atmospheres they produce. Drawing from Sara Ahmed’s ideas of disorientation (Queer Phenomenology, 2006), and Volumetric Regimes with Possible Bodies (2022), the micro residency hosted flash talks, hands-on somatic explorations and the playful collective prototyping of a place-based mixed reality environment with volumetric video capture, photogrammetry, and pass-through features on HMD (Varjo XR3).

Keywords and ongoing research questions emerging in our collective play include:


where do politics of space meet XR creative practices?


how can technologies of capture bring back bodies to liveness?

designing for deviance. radical hospitality. tensions between the reality of a material existence. sites f error and glitch as possibility. viewpoints in XR. rehearsing the glitch & clumsiness.

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