situating critical performance design practices in the city

As part of the Performative Urbanism research platform, Situating Critical Performance Design Practices in the City is a two-year pilot interuniversity and international research initiative inquiring into how performance design – as an expanded notion of scenography – can be harnessed for examining an aesthetic shift that is responsive to the political, social and economic realities beyond the prescribed stage, specifically the spatialization and politicization of our experience of cities.

feminist city light capers

Based in Montreal, the FCLC collaborators perform ephemeral, site-responsive scenographic actions in different locations of the city. What distinguishes our practice from other urban interventions in our intentionality: to collaborate, through creative action, at night. We undertake our actions in urban locations that the members of the FCLC desire to temporarily occupy or pass through, but would not normally do so ‘after hours’.